One Number Reach
Your Assistant begins sending all your incoming calls to the last Caller ID read during a session. Your Assistant always knows where you've been by keeping track of the telephone number from which you made your last call and will use that Caller ID as your new destination.

Call Routing
You can set call transfer rules based on Caller ID and the current date and time. You can construct your call transfer rule using up to six areas of specifications. Select from Voice Mail, Call Blast, Home, Office, Mobile, Current, Cellular or Operator.

Toll-Free Number
Your toll-free number makes it simple for people to access your voice, fax and e-mail communications. Callers use your toll-free number from any phone while you offer them the courtesy of a paid call.

Call Answer / Transfer Rules
Set your call answer options, such as custom greeting and call screening, based on caller ID and the current date and time.

Call Screening
Call Screening lets you decide whether to take a call, send it to voice mail or to another number.

Call Blast
With the Call Blast command, the Assistant simultaneously forwards your calls to up to four Personal Destinations simultaneously. The destinations can be numbers for a phone, a pager or even a person from your Contacts list.