CommuniKate® Unified Communications

Communications solutions to keep you connected

Imagine all your communications needs wrapped neatly into one toll-free phone number. That’s CommuniKate, your personal virtual assistant and virtual office all in one. CommuniKate uses a single phone number to unify communications, from e-mail to fax, voice mail to conferencing. And it’s working 24/7 even when you’re asleep.

  • One toll-free number
  • Video, web and audio conferencing
  • Faxing
  • Mobile access
  • Voice messaging
  • Contact management
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Mobile Applications

Group Messaging for Business

Webley mobile applications offer worldwide group messaging for direct selling organizations that are also applicable to Home Office and Small Business customers.

  • Works on all mobile devices
  • Android and iPhone apps available
  • Speech-based contact management
  • Send and receive multi-media messages
  • Image and video messages
  • "Blast" messages in high volume
  • Stay connected worldwide to exclusive/closed community
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Webley MD Reminders

Communicate More Effectively With Your Patients

Webley MD Reminders reaches your patients for you with timely automated multi-channel messages, such as appointment reminders, account balance notifications, lab test results and more.

  • Spend Less Time Making Routine Calls
  • Reach More Patients with Voice & Email Messages
  • Significantly Reduce Patient No Show Rate
  • Low Cost
  • Easy Set Up
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Webley MD After Hours

Provide Your Patients With the Best Care

Webley MD After Hours works as an automated after hours medical receptionist so that your practice is always there to take your patients’ calls.

  • Fastest, Most Accurate Way to Get Your Messages
  • Enhance Patient After Hours Safety
  • Offer Patients Convenience of Self-Service Features
  • Improved Message Management
  • Cost Savings
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