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Imagine all your communications needs wrapped neatly into one toll-free phone number. That’s CommuniKate, your personal virtual assistant and virtual office all in one. CommuniKate uses a single phone number to unify communications, from e-mail to fax, voice mail to conferencing. And it’s working 24/7 even when you’re asleep.

Improved Communications

  • One toll-free number acts as both a phone and fax, also providing voice mail, e-mail, calendar, address book, conferencing and more.
  • Video, Web and Audio Conferencing allow users to share their message with large groups when face-to-face meetings just aren’t possible.

Professional Edge

  • Acts as a virtual assistant available around-the-clock to answer all incoming calls in a professional and consistent manner.
  • Users can receive, view and store faxes as PDFs. And users can send faxes from their personal computer to any fax contact, machine or e-mail address.

Maximized Revenue for Small Businesses

  • ParusOne works on your existing Web, phone and mobile devices, so there’s no need to purchase new equipment.
  • ParusOne brings you “face-to-face” with business contacts across town or across the globe — eliminating the cost and time involvement of travel.

Kate Features

Host Meetings
This free utility gives you the ability to create, schedule, notify, start, delete and manage audio conferences. One Moderator may invite up to 32 attendees to participate in an audio conference.

Conference Recording
The option to record an ongoing conference is a full-featured audio conference feature. Each conference recording file is saved for up to 60 days.

Event Scheduling
The Calendar works as a reminder to help you keep track of important dates and events. You are automatically reminded of these events by the notification method you select. Events can be displayed by day, week, month or by all dates.

SMS Reminders
You can add new events to your schedule calendar. You will be automatically reminded of these events by the notification method you select.

One Number Reach
Your Assistant begins sending all your incoming calls to the last Caller ID read during a session. Your Assistant always knows where you've been by keeping track of the telephone number from which you made your last call and will use that Caller ID as your new destination.

Call Routing
You can set call transfer rules based on Caller ID and the current date and time. You can construct your call transfer rule using up to six areas of specifications. Select from Voice Mail, Call Blast, Home, Office, Mobile, Current, Cellular or Operator.

Toll-Free Number
Your toll-free number makes it simple for people to access your voice, fax and e-mail communications. Callers use your toll-free number from any phone while you offer them the courtesy of a paid call.

Call Answer / Transfer Rules
Set your call answer options, such as custom greeting and call screening, based on caller ID and the current date and time.

Call Screening
Call Screening lets you decide whether to take a call, send it to voice mail or to another number.

Call Blast
With the Call Blast command, the Assistant simultaneously forwards your calls to up to four Personal Destinations simultaneously. The destinations can be numbers for a phone, a pager or even a person from your Contacts list.

Contact Management
No more learning phone numbers. Your Contact Directory enables your Assistant to make calls and send e-mails and faxes for you. Add as many contacts as you wish to your Contact Directory and. only remember the names. Say what you wish to do and your Assistant looks up the information in your Contact Directory to carry out your request.

Contact Lists
Contact Lists give you a convenient way of communicating by voice message, e-mail or fax with multiple individuals at one time. For example, you might create a list with names of prospects, team members or family. Each contact list can have as many entries as you like.

Listening To E-mail By Phone
E-mails by phone have only two statuses: read and unread. You can listen only to unread messages. The system converts text to speech so that you can listen to an e-mail's message content in any account you are linked to in your E-mail Account. The system does not read e-mail you have previously listened to or viewed online. You must access your account's Web site to reread these e-mails.

E-Mail Folder Management
When you are at the E-Mail window, the folders are arranged vertically along the left side of the window. The folders are the places where your incoming and outgoing mail are stored. The folders are: Inbox, Deleted Items, Drafts, Sent Items and Spam.

Send and Receive Faxes
KateFax lets you send faxes from your personal computer to any fax contact, fax machine or e-mail address.

Manage Faxes by Phone and Web
Have your Assistant read fax headers, send faxes to any contact, list or fax machine, forward faxes to e-mail inboxes or add fax numbers to your Contact Directory. You can also view your faxes online.

The Host/Moderator can invite up to 50 participants to the video conference. The participants will receive the video images and meeting presentations.

Your Assistant greets your callers and asks if they would like to have the Assistant "find him/her or leave a message." If your callers choose to find you, your Assistant will dial you at the contact numbers you've designated and tell you who the caller is and ask if you would like to take the call or send it to voice mail. You can even choose to have your Assistant notify you when you have messages waiting so you don't forget to check your mail.

Voice Mail
Your Assistant helps you listen to, manage and send voice messages. Voice messages have status attached to them that determines the order in which they are played back to you.

Custom Greetings
The Front Greeting is the message that greets your callers when they call your personal toll free number. Your Assistant uses the default system greeting: "Hello. I am the personal Assistant for. . ." However, you have the ability to record and create custom greetings. You can record, by phone, up to nine custom greetings and switch among them as circumstances dictate, such as when you are traveling or on vacation.