Webley MD Reminders

Communicate More Effectively With Your Patients

The majority of medical practices spend too much time on routine phone calls. Time that was once spent dealing with phone calls and messages can be shifted to higher value tasks, leading to increased staff satisfaction while improving message deliverability and bringing greater convenience to your patients. Webley MD Reminders is a full featured, award-winning, patient messaging solution that allows practices to send patients personalized messages by phone and by email.

Voice & Email Reminders

  • High quality voice reminders
  • Free email reminders
  • HIPAA compliant

Multiple Scripts

  • Decrease no shows with appointment reminders
  • Increase collections with account balance notifications
  • Inform patients of lab test results
  • Increase the number of patients to come in for health screenings and immunizations
  • Multiple languages available

Secure Web Interface

  • Upload file telling us who to call in minutes
  • Add new contacts to call manually
  • Password required for access

Helpful Online Reports

  • Know which patients were reached, how they were reached and when they were reached
  • Patient confirmations and cancellations shown in online report


Is Webley MD Reminders compatible with my practice management system?

How easy it is to customize the appointment reminder script?

How do the calls sound?

How reliable is your service?

Is Webley MD Reminders compatible with my practice management system?
Webley MD Reminders is compatible with the majority of EMR/PMS systems. If you are able to extract patient information from your system, there shouldn’t be a problem sending that data to Webley MD. We will work with your PMS/EMR vendor if necessary, to find a way to extract your data and send it to Webley MD. In most cases, this isn’t necessary.

How easy it is to customize the appointment reminder script?
Webley MD will work with you to ensure your scripts are customized to your liking.

How do the calls sound?
Our sound quality is second to none. Webley MD scripts are recorded by professional voice actors in recording studios, so the messages sound natural. Listen to the samples on this page.

How reliable is your service?
It’s extremely reliable. First, Webley MD employs the cutting edge communications technology. Second, the Webley MD data center is located in a secure, world class hosting facility in downtown Chicago. The data center is located on two sections of the grid with redundant generator based backup power, connected redundantly to multiple Tier 1 Telephone and Internet service providers. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is staffed 24x7x365, supported by on-call senior technical staff and utilizes multiple monitoring tools to verify the status of all components of our platform at all times.

Hear A Sample

Webley MD’s voice message quality is second to none.

Listen for yourself.

  • Basic Appointment Reminder:
  • Appointment Reminder with Confirmation:
  • Account Balance Notification:
  • Health Screening:
  • Lab Results:
  • Vaccine Reminder: